Mission Statement

I will travel the world and see the ocean.
I will look in the mirror and say that I am beautiful,
No matter what, every time.
I will find the love of my life, my soul mate
I will do all the things that I have said that I would do.
And I will finish them with a smile.

I will tell everyone close to me that I love them and really mean it.
I will hug strangers and loved ones alike.
I will travel to the biggest canon and shout my name out loud
So, that the whole world will hear and remember.

I will finally keep my room clean.
I won’t sweat the small stuff.
My life will stay organized.
I will perform all over the world and share my song.
I will perfect the dance between the conductor and the musician.
I will have enough patience to strengthen my body just like I want it.
I won’t be afraid to tell someone,
I love you.
I will live with no inhibitions.
I will enjoy life.


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