The Changing World of Music Terminology

In an effort to keep you abreast of the ever-changing world of music terminology, here are some terms with which you will need to become familiar:

Adagio Fromaggio:To play in a slow and cheesy manner.

Anti-phonal:Referring to the prohibition of cell phones in the concert hall.

A Patella:Unaccompanied knee-slapping.

Appologgiatura:A composition, solo or instrument, you regret playing.

Approximatura:A series of notes played by a performer, not intended by the composer.

Approximento:A musical entrance that is somewhere in the vicinity of the correctpitch.

Bar Line:What musicians form after a concert.

Cornetti Trombosis Disastrous:The entanglement of brass instruments that can occur when musiciansexit hastily down the stage stairs.

Dill Piccolino:A wind instrument that plays only sour notes.

Frugalhorn:A sensible, inexpensive brass instrument.

Gaul Blatter:A French horn player.

Kvetchendo:Gradually getting annoyingly louder.

Opera buffa:Musical stage production by nudists.

Pre-Classical Conservatism:School of thought which fostered the idea,"if it ain't baroque, don'tfix it."

Tincanabulation:The annoying or irritating sounds made by extremely cheap bells.

Vesuvioso:A gradual buildup to a fiery conclusion.

ZZZfortzando:Playing REALLY loud in order to wake up the audience.

I am a member of the United Methodist Musician Listserv. It gives me the opportunity to share ideas and brainstorm with my colleges with regards to music and worship. I have truly benefited from my membership. This is one of the most recent posts that made me chuckle. I want to thank Neil Brown from United Methodist Church Red Bank, New Jersey for this contribution.


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