Taize Community Worship

Tomorrow at One Spirit United Methodist Church in Kansas City, MO, I will be offering a workshop on the Taize community: its philosophies, its worship, and its music style. I am so passionate about this ecumenical worship opportunity and extremely excited to be sharing this with others.

Taize is the home of an international, ecumenical community of brothers located in southern Burgundy, France. It was founded in 1940 by Brother Roger. Today the community is made up of over a hundred brothers, Catholic and from various Protestant backgrounds, that represent more than twenty-five countries. At the heart of daily life in Taize are three times of daily prayer. Since the late 1950's, thousands of young adults from all over the world have found their way in pilgrimage to Taize to take part in weekly meetings of prayer and reflection. In addition, Taize brothers make visits and lead meetings in Africa, North and South America, Asia and in Europe, as part of a "pilgrimage of trust on earth". The ultimate goal is reconciliation and love for all Christians in the world.

I first experienced Taize worship in 2001 while attending the Christian Music Summer School offered by the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. I was struck by the simplicity and the many layers of prayer, song and silence. The silence was so new to me. In Taize worship the silence is just as important as the music and the reading of the scriptures. The silence is where you finally get the chance to stop, breath and listen for the still, small voice that is God with you. I have been attending or leading Taize worship for several years now and am proud to say that I no longer fidget during those silences. With our fast paced world it isn't often that we are given the opportunity to stop and listen or just be.

I hope to some day soon be able to make my own pilgrimage to Taize so that I can experience first hand the wonder of this simple community of brothers that have tirelessly brought hope, peace and love to so many people in this world. For more information about the Taize community go to http://www.taize.fr


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