Prescriptive Music

MSNBC shared this amazing article awhile ago about "prescriptive music". I was amazed by the idea of this work. You can get it here. How about being written a prescription to listen to music for your health? Music-thanatologists are trained to listen and observe their patient and match their music to them for comfort and relaxation. It sounds like an amazing zen like experience. Doctors are finding that there is only so much they can do to make patients comfortable and they are turning to this kind of music therapy for help. The musicians that take part in this program are truly called to this fascinating and important ministry. It is a gift not only to the patient but to the family of the patient as well. Music impacts all of us and can help us deal with difficult situations such as loosing a loved one and experiencing death.

I have used music to alter my mood when I needed it the most. I have certain songs that I listen to achieve different results depending on how I feel. I can only imagine in the future how we could use this knowledge to improve our overall health and well being. Definitely something to think about.


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