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"A road is a road, but sometimes it's more. Sometimes a road sings. Drive down Highway 61 and you'll find music everywhere you turn. Muddy Waters rode the 61. So did Bob Dylan, Ike Turner, and B.B. King. Elvis grew up in the housing projects along it. Highway 61 was the road by which people left to find better opportunities. And by leaving they took their music to the world."
~ The meaning behind thesixytone on the about page

Finally a massive multi-player online game that I can actually get into. I can't take credit for finding this one, that's my husband's doing and now we are both hooked. I had been complaining for awhile about how hard it was to find new music that I actually enjoyed listening to. Mainstream radio just wasn't cutting it. Thesixtyone.com has opened up my music world and I'm loving it.

Once you create an account you are allowed to customize your music experience by heart-ing songs you love and featuring favorites on your homepage. You also get the opportunity to earn reputation, collect badges for discovering and recommending good music to others and level up your influence. With thesixtyone.com building your own unique taste in music becomes fun, competitive, and trackable with quests that you complete daily. I have enjoyed several quests, including "similarity complex" and "the rack" as they encourage you to branch out and listen to music you wouldn't normally listen to. To learn more about how thesixtyone.com works, please see their FAQ page.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us on thesixtyone and tell them elliottmusicstudio sent you.


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