Worship Music Q & A: Sense of Calling

Please provide a narrative of your sense of calling to ministry. Also, share your understanding of your Spiritual gifts as they relate to the tasks of ministry

I have a God given talent with my singing voice and in my ability to interpret music and work with a group of people to make it come to life.  I hold myself to a very high level of excellence in everything I do and I share that same passion for excellence with the people that I work with.

With the invitation to lead music in 2001 at my home church in Lawrence, Kansas and an opportunity to study church music and worship at Southern Methodist University Perkins School of Theology, I started a journey 10 years ago that has brought me to the Kansas City community and to my current church family. I have grown closer to Christ in my time here and I have gained more confidence in my God given gifts and abilities. I have also been lead to a deeper understanding of whom I am called to be.

I am called to share my talents in the field of church music ministry. God has prepared me and equipped me these past 10 years to serve. I am convinced that this is not a coincidence. There are no accidents in God's plan. All of the trials, tribulations, and learning experiences I have had have strengthened my knowledge and experience and made me an excellent candidate to serve as director of any church music ministry program.

My current ministry has bore fruit as positive changes were made to create a healthy environment for our praise band to grow as worship leaders and musicians. We worked to support each other and improve our working relationship. With a new focus we were able to not only bring our congregation to new heights in worship but we were able to truly worship as well.


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