My Journey in United Methodist Doctrine

Recently I shared with you about my new job and the opportunities I have had as an employee for Cokesbury at Saint Paul School of Theology.  One of those opportunities has been to take a United Methodist Studies in Doctrine Course to fulfill the education requirements for United Methodist Certification for Musicians.  

Classroom at Saint Paul School of Theology

I wasn't sure I would even be able to finish to be quite honest and I was getting discouraged but once I started working at Cokesbury I decided it was worth it to ask around and see if it was even possible.  After a long email exchange back and forth plus a few phone calls I was approved to take the Doctrine course that was being offered this Fall semester and to use it to finish my education for certification.  I was thrilled because I had realized before my search that I only had one more year of the ten you get to finish your education or I would have to start all over again.

Taking Notes

I have attended classes on Wednesday mornings at the seminary now for several weeks and I am really enjoying myself.  I have had tons of reading to do which has made keeping up with my blogs a little harder than I anticipated but it is well worth it. As I finish books I will be sharing a book list and my thoughts for anyone interested in independent study.

I am so glad that I am finally getting this accomplished and I can't wait for my certification to take place.  If all goes as planned I should be official this June.  I'll keep you posted! 


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