Theta Music Trainer: A Swell Deal

Source: Theta Music Trainer
I have had Theta Music Trainer on my list so I thought I would give it a go this week.  I sampled Parrot Phrases and Chord Drop and loved both of them.  Both games work to train your ear to hear note patterns in chords or in short phrases.  I enjoyed the graphics and I know my 6 year old daughter would think it's a pretty cool motivator. 

My free membership account allows me access to the first three levels of each game.  A full-access subscription  lets you train with over 340 game levels, practice modes, master levels, and all progress reports, including the Personal Trainer reports. a full-access subscription is only $54.00 per year.  I think that's a pretty swell deal.

What's your new favorite game on Theta Music Trainer?       


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