Video of the Week: Masterpiece by The King's Singers

I met Simon Carrington and Bob Chilcott while I was a junior high student.  Southwest Junior High's Bel Canto choir was chosen to be a part of an American debut concert and to sing Bob Chilcott's "Singing by Numbers".  I didn't realize then how amazing that kind of invitation was.  I have wonderful memories of that concert.  

I continued to get the opportunity to work with Simon Carrington throughout my time in junior high, high school and even in college while he was the Director of Music at the University of Kansas.  But I will have to admit that I wasn't as familiar as I should have been with the music of The King's Singers.  One way or another one of their CD's finally made it into the house and for awhile there it was in regular rotation.  Thanks to YouTube I have caught up even more.  

I have too many favorite arrangements to list here but I was able to narrow down a piece to share for this week's Video of the Week.  Imagine 400 years of western music all wrapped up into 9 minutes.  Take a listen to "Masterpiece" sung by The King's Singers.  Enjoy!

The King's Singers Sing Masterpiece

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