Music Selections with Meaning

Music can evoke so many emotions and memories for people. You can trace my life's time line with the songs that I have sung. I can remember certain key times in my life by the songs that were on the radio or in my tape or CD player. Making music selections with meaning during times of sorrow can be difficult but essential for celebrating the people we love. I could go into a long list of hymns and songs that would be appropriate for a funeral or celebration of life service but I will leave that for another time. I thought I would share just two of the songs that have recently touched me while thinking about loss and working with families in their time of grief. Enjoy!

"Angel" -Sarah McLachlan

This song has been playing in my head this morning so I had to find it on YouTube. Whenever I think of Katie Mika I am reminded of this song and how magical it was in our lives when it came out on the radio. Katie and I would sing spontaneous harmony parts and all time would stop in the car until that song was done. In the spring of 2001 I lost my singing partner in a car accident. She will be forever missed.

"I Can Only Imagine" -Miller/Bryson/Cochran/Graul/Kipley/Scheuchzer/Shaffer

This song is fantastic! I recently was asked to sing at a celebration of life service for a long time member of our church that had been away for the past couple years. I so wish that I had had the opportunity to meet the man we were celebrating that evening. It was one of the most moving services. I was asked to sing "I Can Only Imagine". I learned it in a week with the help of this video on YouTube and I have been changed ever since. The lyrics of this song are perfect for any service really. I can't wait to sing it again.


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