Traveling On An Overgrown Path

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog On An Overgrown Path this week. I stumbled upon this United Kingdom music blog site while doing Taize music research recently. I am excited by the variety of topics on music from all over the world and the many podcasts available. Two posts caught my eye that I thought I would share with you. The first one, is The Music of Taize. This post shares with us the history behind the church of reconciliation at Taize where prayer is held three times a day and the music of Jacques Berthier that has helped to make the Taize community worship well known throughout the world. The second post of interest is There is a Green Hill Far Away Called Taize. I am dying to travel to Taize and see this magnificent place. Until I do I live vicariously through the people who have. This article contains gorgeous photographs of the various sites located at Taize and the many people who take pilgrimage there and talks about what it means to be there and share in this amazing community. Enjoy!


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