We're a Favorite Place on Google!

I don't know what I would do without Google products.  They supply me with this blogging platform, multiple email addresses, calendars and websites.  I use just about every product they offer and if I don't I know my husband does.  Even our kids (both under the age of 4) have email addresses with gmail.  So, the other day I got a yellow envelope in the mail from my friends at Google and was surprised to find out that the Elliott Music Studio has been chosen to be part of Favorite Places on Google based on my Google Local Business listing.  This is so cool!  I waited a couple weeks to pass on the good news because I had to figure out how exactly this new status works.  The video below should help a little in explaining it.  Take a peak!

The Elliott Music Studio is one of over 100,000 local businesses in the U.S. that Google has sent these neat little decals to.  These businesses have been the most sought out and researched on Google.com and Google Maps and have earned the name "Favorite Places on Google".  Each window decal has a unique bar code, known as a QR code that you can scan with any of hundreds of mobile devices — including iPhone, Android-powered phones, BlackBerry and more — to take you directly to the Elliott Music studio's Place Page on your mobile phone for instance. With this new technology you can easily go up to a storefront and immediately find reviews, get a coupon if the business is offering one or star a business as a place you want to remember for the future. Soon, you'll be able to leave a review on the mobile page as well, just like from your home computer.

I am looking for the perfect place for my new decal and will be updating my business profile on Google Local Business to take advantage of this new status.  Thank you Google for this great honor and opportunity.  What will they think of next?  


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