Sara Bareilles - "Single Ladies" Beyoncé cover Live!

Mashups have become popular across the music sphere because of Glee and the creative juices of so many students.  So much of our music today is borrowed from the music that came before us.  Sometimes these pairings make me want to cringe but other times they are just fantastic.  This "Video of the Week" is the pairing of the music stylings of Sara Bareilles with the song "Single Ladies" made famous by Beyonce.  Enjoy! 

Sara Bareilles - "Single Ladies" Beyoncé cover Live! 

Sara Bareilles performs Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" in this week's 'one of a kind' Mashup. Check it out!
Interviewed By: Lisa Binkert
Videographers: Jeff Chan, Courtney Baldasare & Rebecca Gleason
Editor: Steve Hwang



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