Was your Monday a "Meat Free Monday"?

I ran across this video performance by Paul McCartney of his Support Meat Free Monday song he wrote for the campaign he started in England to make us more aware about our food and the environment.  It's quite catchy.  Enjoy!

I have been a pescatarian for 14 years now and feel so much better when I choose to eat this diet.  It's a form of vegetarianism where you eat seafood occasionally, eggs and dairy.  My belief is that even small steps related to bettering our environment and what we put in our bodies are steps in the right direction.  Many celebrities who are some form of vegetarian are also endorsing Meat Free Mondays.  Check out Gwyneth Paltrow's blog, "Goop" where she talks about her diet choices among a variety of other topics. 

You can get more information about Supporting Meat Free Mondays on the official British website.


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