Most Popular Piano Brands

What kind of piano should I buy?  That's one of the most frequently asked questions posed by new piano students.  Finding a good quality piano can be a difficult task but with a little patience and good information it does get easier.  The Music Education section of About.com is one of my favorite music resources and they put together a great list of the most popular piano brands on the market today.  They cover the company's history, awards and its different models.  The list includes the following brands:

If you are looking at used pianos or you want to figure out if the piano you inherited from grandma is still in good condition ask you piano teacher for the name of a local piano technician so they can come out and assess your instrument.  They can tell you if the piano needs replacement parts or if it's still in good condition.  All pianos need tuned at least once a year so they would also be good resource to get that done.   

This list covers the major players when it comes to acoustic pianos.  Next we will talk about electric pianos and what to look for.  Happy searching!


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