I Want to Learn to Play "Christmas Lights" by Coldplay for Christmas

So, here is a cool way to help you play some of your favorite popular songs on the piano.  Check out the The Piano Podcast with Mario Ajero.  I have been watching Mario's tutorials for some time now and have really enjoyed how he breaks things down and helps you put the music back together.  He also is using his iPad  to view the sheet music instead of printing it out.  One more reason why I might want to get one someday.

The most recent Piano Podcast was a tutorial for "Christmas Lights" by Coldplay.  I'm on this listening kick lately where I enjoy listening to new and different songs for the Christmas season and this fit the bill nicely.  I also really like the piano part and wouldn't mind learning it myself.  So, first let's listen to "Christmas Lights" by Coldplay.     

Here's Mario Ajero's piano tutorial.  Enjoy!

How to play Christmas Lights by Coldplay on piano
Piano tutorial on how to play some of the opening measures of the song "Christmas Lights" by Coldplay.


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