My Very Merry Music Wish List

I saw yesterday on Amazon.com that shipping is still available for Christmas gifts if you act fast.  So, I figured there was still time to share my very merry musical wish list.  Who knows, maybe Santa shops amazon? 

  • Amazon.com $50 Gift Card - Can't fail with this one.  I'm new to shopping with Amazon but the selection and deals are wonderful so far.  
  • De-Lovely - Cole Porter is fantastic and the new arrangements of his songs for this movie are stunning.  
  • Rhythm Heaven - My husband got me a Nintendo DS some time ago but I still haven't gotten a music games for it.  I do play Animal Crossing when I have the time.  Rhythm Heaven looks like a lot of fun especially for long car rides.   
  • Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (Black) -  I love exercising on a balance ball and tried using it as my desk chair for a day but realized that I needed a little bit more height and I missed my wheels.  This fits the bill nicely.
  • Gift Card to Musicnotes.com - My favorite place online to order sheet music at the last minute.
So that's my musical gift list for 2010.  What are some of your favorite musical must-haves this holiday season?


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