Prayers and Songs: Palm Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prayers and songs for worship this week:

"Hosanna" by Carl Tuttle

Jesus, Son of the living God, eternal light, we worship you and give thanks and praise for this day. Hosanna!

You are the good shepherd, our way and our life. Guide us and help us to feel the awesome power of God’s presence in this place.

Jesus, gentle and humble of heart, our help and our refuge, we ask for You to dwell in us right here as we worship.

"Holy is the Lord" by Chris Tomlin

Thank you Lord for giving us another beautiful day to worship you. We are so blessed in Christ Jesus! His forgiveness and presence bring to light, trust and praise in all of us. Forgive us Lord for where we have fallen short and fill us with your Holy Spirit. Guide us this morning as we sing God’s praises. Amen.

"You Are My King (Amazing Love)" by Billy James Foote

"O Lord Hear My Prayer" by Taize Community

"Majesty" by Jack Hayford

 Contemporary worship music selections and original prayers written by Emily Elliott for worship this week at One Spirit United Methodist Church in Kansas City, MO


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