Create Your Own I Am Statement

I wrote an I Am poem at a writing workshop in junior high school ages ago. I am not sure I took it very seriously at the time considering that it was only a simple writing exercise, but now that I am older I am revisiting creating I Am poems. I Am statements are strong statements of purpose and creation that can help give direction to who you are right now and your goals for the future. I was excited to find this I Am poem creator. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and the poem is formatted for you (see mine below) These poems should grow and change as we do and can be recreated as many times as you want. Who are you aspiring to be? Make sure to share your creations in the comments of this post. I would love to see them. Here's an additional format you can explore. Just fill in the blanks.

I am:
I think:
I know:
I have:
I wish:
I hate:
I miss:
I fear:
I hear:
I smell:
I crave:
I search:
I wonder:
I regret:
I love:
I ache:
I am not:
I believe:
I dance:
I sing:
I cry:
I fight:
I win:
I lose:
I never:
I always:
I confuse:
I listen:
I can usually be found:
I am scared:
I need:
I am happy about:
I imagine:

Here's my recent I Am creation. Enjoy!

I Am

I am a musician and teacher
I wonder about being truly secure
I hear God's small voice keeping me focused on my purpose
I see out from behind my director's stand
I want so many things
I am a musician and teacher

I pretend to be calm and pulled together when I am stressed and tired
I feel my life growing and changing
I touch simplicity
I worry about my family
I cry about loss
I am a musician and teacher

I understand that I can be the grandest version of the greatest vision I have ever had of myself
I say I am grateful
I dream about not worrying about money
I try to better myself every day
I hope for recognition and true success
I am a musician and teacher


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