The Ever Expanding World of Music Tech

I have seen so many cool projects in the field of music technology recently that I have decided to make it a regular addition to my blog. I wish I was an inventor but I am not so I will stick to teaching and interpreting music and leave the music tech inventions to the professionals. This week's music tech offerings come from the MAKE: Blog which hails from the people of MAKE Magazine. Their current magazine is all about DIY music and is on newsstands right now. These people blow my mind. How do they think up some of this stuff?

Making Music with Your Iris

Each person's iris is unique almost like your fingerprint. So, why not make music with it? This guy has built a computer program to read your iris and create music based on what it sees in your particular eye. He says at the end of the video that he apologizes about the quality and limit of the musical sounds he had available but I was still amazed at what the program was accomplishing and didn't really notice. Overall a great result.

Ocarina on your iPhone
I don't have an iPhone, but if I did this would be a cool addition. My husband has purchased two ocarinas in the last couple years at Kansas City's Renaissance Festival and is starting to make music with them now. It's such a neat sound. This program takes that to a whole new level while using the sensitivity of iPhone technology. This thing not only picks up on touch manipulation but also your breath. For a second there I thought the guy in the video clip was just blowing for the heck of it but no, I was wrong. It actually plays like a real ocarina would. Just amazing.


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