Mongolian Overtone Singer & Past Life Melodies

I learned to overtone sing in high school while learning a song called, "Past Life Melodies. It has a haunting, earthy sound that I haven't heard anywhere since. The overtones are created by manipulating your mouth and in this case using an 'er' sound on a single pitch. You will have to ask me to do it for you sometime. It's pretty neat. This recording of "Past Life Melodies" comes from an all male a cappella group called Chanticleer based out of San Francisco, California. I saw them in concert several years ago in Lawrence, KS and was amazed at their flexibility and musicality. They are a must see if they come to your area.

I haven't heard overtone singing for some time so I was glad to come across this video by a Mongolian overtone singer. The addition of instruments adds a nice texture. Enjoy!


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