Feeling Nastalgic: The Awakening by Joseph Martin

In high school I was introduced to Joseph Martin's, "The Awakening" by our combined men's chorus. I would later write college entrance essays explaining why I wanted to teach and be a professional musician based on this song. I had no idea that I would later rely on the many songs and cantatas of Joseph Martin during my first few years as a church music director. I have heard this piece done in SATB voicing but I always seem to gravitate back to the TTBB voicing for men's chorus.

The beauty of the piece "The Awakening" is that the dreamer is awakened so that his soul can sing and share the joy and splendor of music. He cries, “Let music never die in me! Forever let my spirit sing! Wherever emptiness is found, let there be joy and glorious sound. Let all our voices join as one to praise the Giver of the song.” The dreamer tells the silent world to awaken and “Let music live!” So, that joy and beauty can be felt and shared with everyone. That's a message we all could use right now in these uncertain times. Enjoy!


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