That's All - 5 Years and Counting

I knew when I found this song that this was the song to sing at my wedding. Well, actually my reception. Being a professional musician and all you would think that I would have had all the usual music for my ceremony but I opted out. We had processional music from my favorite meditative CD that went with our Asian theme and that was it. It really set the mood quite nicely for our evening, candle lit ceremony. I also didn't want to sing during my ceremony because I felt like it would turn into the "Emily Show" and that was not going to be the focus of that day. I wouldn't have sung at all except that it was my soon to be husband's only request. The reception seemed to be the perfect spot. I sang while my friend and brides maid, Kelly played the piano right after we were introduced and then Kelly played the song one more time for our first dance. This all happened five years ago this week.

This weeks video clip is Michael Buble's version of this jazz classic and one of my favorites. Enjoy!


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