A Caroling We Will Go - "Angels We Have Heard On High"

This year I have decided to try and enjoy the music of the season even more than usual. As a church musician it's hard to get in the spirit since I have had to practice all of these songs since October. But for my kids sake this year and for future years to come I am trying to enjoy these songs more and one way to do that is to widen my scope. I have been listening to many different styles and trying not to stick to just my favorites. Accuradio.com has been a help in this. Try the channel of unknown Christmas albums. I will warn you that some of these might scare you at first or take you completely off guard. They are not your usual Christmas carols.

I also took one of those funny pop knowledge quizes for Christmas Carols this week. I had to identify songs based on sound clips. It turns out I am at Elf level and scored 860 points getting 61.29% of the questions right. I am 140 points away from the Santa level. To try your hand at this cool quiz and others related to Christmas music check out the Parents.com website here.

Now back to "A Caroling We Will Go". "Six Pence None the Richer has done it again with "Angels We Have Heard on High" from the "The Dawn Of Grace" album. I would love to find out who designed the animation. It is just so cute. My daughter has been asking me to replay it every day this week. I enjoy the light and almost delicate sound that they give this song and visuals are such a great pairing. Enjoy!


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