What's on Your Musician's Christmas List?

I am terrible at remembering what I would like to have for gifts so several years ago I started keeping a run-on list on my Palm PDA. Any time I think of something that would make a great present for me or something that I know I would buy if I had the money right now I put it on the list. It really has come in handy and helps me to prioritize my spending, too.

So, what to get the budding musician in your life? I thought I would list here some of the things on my gift list as well as past gifts that were really helpful or just plain neat. If you are still stumped, you can always go the gift card route. I know that I appreciate gift cards a lot.

Emily's Music Wishlist

Performance music folder with hand strap - Makes solo singing a breeze

Music Stand - My studio desperately needs one

German-English, Italian-English & French-English dictionaries -
for all those vocal score translations

Piano Style Sustain Foot Pedal - I was thrilled to find out they made these. I can't wait to have my own.

De-Lovely Soundtrack CD - I am in love with this movie and the music of Cole Porter. A must have for my music collection.

Rhythm Heaven - For my Nintendo DS

Musicnotes.com Gift Certificate - This is such a great place to get sheet music. I love the fact that I can pay and print my music at the same time. I don't have to wait for it to be shipped to me.

Metronome - This handy tool is great for practice

Private Music Lessons Gift Certificate - Couldn't resist a shameless plug for the Elliott Music Studio

Concert Tickets

Musical Biographies & History of Music Books

Mixed CD's - Share some of your favorites

Tea Basket - For the singer in your life fill a basket with herbal teas and throat soothers. Add some honey and maybe a nice travel mug.

Composer Statues

Novelty Music Gifts - Check out this website for an awesome collect of music nick-nacks and the like.

I hope this list gets you started and helps you find the perfect gifts for the musicians in your life.
There are so many perfect gift ideas out there that I know I am bound to miss one. Don't forget to tell me what I missed in the comments. Merry Christmas!


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