Studio Update: 2009 Wrap-up

Well, Christmas Day has come and gone and now we have entered the fun in between time of the 12 days of Christmas and Epiphany.  The past couple weeks have been an interesting time for my family as we prepared for the Christmas holiday.  My husband and daughter passed around a flu bug that wasn't fun for anyone.  I am so thankful that neither I nor my 6 month old son caught the bug. (knock on wood.)  Kansas City received an insane amount of snow that halted pretty much everything in the area and made it so that my family couldn't attend Christmas eve services or church this past Sunday.  I had so looked forward to ringing handbells and singing with the choir so I was quite disappointed and the Children's Christmas program for the Sunday after didn't happen either.  I did get to enjoy Christmas eve unexpectedly from my computer with a live feed from the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection located in Leawood, Kansas.  I remembered at the last minute that they had started that ministry.  I really enjoyed worshiping that way since I had small children and couldn't get out because of the weather.  I would encourage anyone to check it out.

I have learned a lot this year and continued work on my goals for the Elliott Music Studio and can't wait to begin looking to 2010.  This year we embarked on our first try at a studio recital and just couldn't pull it off due to scheduling conflicts.  But we did get some great recordings that I hope to share soon on my website and here on my blog.  Plans are in the works for at least 2 studio recitals / performance opportunities for next year.  One in the spring and the other in late fall.  I like the idea of a Holiday Recital but I am not sure about the logistics.  We may make the Christmas Recital a virtual event that we put on YouTube for families to watch all through the season.  I also enjoyed collaborating on several studio pieces this year and look forward to more opportunities in the future.  The studio is still growing as we work towards are goal of 20 students in 2010.  So, don't forget to share us with your family and friends!  A more detailed list of my music goals for 2010 is forthcoming this week.

I wanted to share a couple of Christmas items I found that I thought you all might enjoy and had planned to share earlier but couldn't with all the hubbub.  The first one comes from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and it's entitled, "The Christmas Story Through Period Art".  I found it last year and have kept going back.  It is such a beautiful experience.  You won't regret the visit.  The second one is a fantastic video from Straight No Chaser and their rendition of the "12 Days of Christmas."  I believe it needs no more explanation.  Enjoy!


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