Mosaic Monday: Music Tee's

I realized as I was looking to organize and clean my closet that I had quite the collection of music themed t-shirts.  It's only natural being a musician that a few of these tee's would sneak in over the years.  I have been on a photography kick lately so I thought it would be neat to take a few snapshots of my favorites to share as part of Mosaic Monday, sponsored by the blog Little Red House.
  • The "Musicians Brain" was actually a great second hand find while I was in high school.  I have since grown out of it and I hope to make it into a pillow or something crafty one of these days. 
  • My "Little Rock Star in Training" was worn by my little rock star, Oliver.  I couldn't resist putting it in this collection.
  • "Life is Music" was given to me by my friend Dorothy a few months ago.  I love how the text was morphed to make the shape of an eighth note.
  • "The Universal Language" t-shirt was a present from my friend Cynthia several years ago.  It is my favorite comfy sleep shirt.  It is so fascinating to see how the word music is written in all the world's languages and it even came with a little booklet so you knew what language you were reading.  
  • "Tonic Sol-Fa 100% Pure Vocals" as been my go to weekend shirt since high school.  I just love a good ringer tee and one of my favorite colors is Orange.  I got to see Tonic Sol Fa live at an outdoor music fair with my Dad.  We got to meet the four guys in the group and he bought me this nifty t-shirt.   
Mary is our hostess for Mosaic Monday.
Each mosaic is unique and has it's own story to tell.


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