The Simple Woman's Daybook - Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Outside my window...The quiet darkness of night.

I am thinking...of moving in some new directions.  I am working on a list of things that I would really like to get accomplished and things that I know that I need to do in my life right now.  As well as thoughts of my upcoming money stretching grocery trip today and all the things that I need to get done to help life run more smoothly for my family.

I am thankful for...a mother that spoils me rotten when I need it the most.  I love you Mom!

I am wearing...my comfy pj's of course!

I am remembering...what it was life for me to be a younger me.  I am so proud of how far I have come in my life but I also realize how much farther I have to go to be who I am to be.
I am going...to Hy-Vee for some awesome coupon cost saving shopping.  I just love a good deal.  Don't let me forget to get my husband some new hair gel and shampoo.  Got to keep him handsome. 

I am currently reading...I think I picked up a copy of Lady's Home Journal this week.  I have a pile of reading material I would like to get through this weekend.  I also have several books on my Kindle that are on my list.   That is such a neat bit of technology.  I am enjoying the new word games I was able to download for free.  If you are a Kindle user check out Every Word and Shuffle Row.

I am hoping...for a relaxing holiday season in a new house with family and friends.  I miss entertaining and decorating for the holidays.

On my mind...How hard it can be to work with people sometimes.  I struggle with just wanting to keep the peace for the sake of the group or if I should be more vocal about my dislikes and demand better solutions.

Noticing that...A good hair cut and a little pampering can go a long way to helping a person feel better about things.  It had been so long since I got a hair cut.  I'm feeling snazzy now.

Pondering these words... 

“There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is.”            – William P. Merril

From the kitchen... Not a lot since I ate out last night at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Who knows what today brings in the kitchen.  I might break down and cook something.  I have quite a few choices I just have been a bit unmotivated lately. 

Around the house...Halloween will soon be here and there are pumpkins to carve and costumes to finish.  Madeline is going to be a witch this year and Oliver might be a pumpkin or Charlie Brown.  I can't decide.  We will see what we can put together. 

One of my favorite things...Cuddling my kids and having them fall asleep while we watch TV together. 

From my camera...Madi and Oli both playing in the leaves for the first time.  I'm not sure what Oli thinks of this new experience but Madi had an awesome time. 
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