Goal Setting & Making More Music in 2011

I am a list maker.  I make lists so I don't forget things and to keep myself organized and focused.  A couple years ago I made what I called the "Big List" that would include all my goals and ideas for my life as a professional musician.  I included unfinished projects, goals that I once had but wasn't sure if I could or wanted to accomplish and things that I felt that I should complete based on social conformity.

So this year I took that list and broke it up into four main areas:  Worship & Sacred Music, Music Recordings & Performances, Blogging & Music Website, and Music Fun & Enrichment.  I also trimmed the fat so to speak and took out things that didn't make sense for me to be doing right now or ever.  That took some courage but I am now happy with the result. 

Goals and Ideas for 2011

Worship & Sacred Music
-Find & Attend a Kansas City Area Taizé service
-Find out more about Emerging worship
-Video Tape Myself Leading Worship for resume building
-Reignite Kansas City/Raytown Taizé worship if possible
-Find a Worship Director / Church Music possition so that I can continue to use my skills

Music Recordings & Performances
-Record 1st Vocal Christmas CD
-Make a Children's Music CD to go along with E-book
-Record a Taize Music CD
-Make a Wedding & Sacred Music Sampler CD
-Find more ways to share music with others through local performances
-Work on Jazz and Pop Standard repetoire
Blogging & Music Website
-Add a Music Player on My Blog, Website and Facebook to showcase recorded works
-Finish rep list on biography page of website and blog
-Continue tweeking and making the site better.
-Stick to my weekly writing schedule and even prepare posts in advance
-Write my first e-book and learn how to share it.
-Grow my affiliates and sponsers by selling limited ad space
Music Fun & Enrichment
-Create a play-list of my favorite songs for my MP3 player
-Go out and listen to live Jazz in Kansas City
-Sing at a Piano Bar
-Go to the Kansas City Jazz Museum
-Buy a large conga type drum and take part in a drum circle

My next steps will be to list all the little things I need to do to accomplish the big items and create some deadlines.  So, every Saturday my Musical To-Do List posts will help me focus my actions and share with you what I am doing to achieve my goals for 2011.  I need the direction, extra motivation and accountability this will provide. 

What are some of your goals for 2011?  How are you bringing more music in your life?


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