Musical To-Do List: January 29, 2011

This is my first post in a new series here at the Elliott Music Studio called "Musical To-Do List".  I am hoping that these posts will help me focus my actions and share with you what I am doing to achieve my goals for 2011. I need the direction, extra motivation and accountability this will provide.  So, here are a few things on my list for next week. 

-Continue collecting public domain children's songs for recording consideration.  I will be putting together a list and looking for piano accompaniments as well as guitar chord arrangments

-Send out revised resume and cover letter to current job list

-Work on future music articles for the month of February.  I have started the outline and will be narrowing down topics.

-Narrow down music records to share on blog, website etc.  (I have about 4 CD's so far that I have found)


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