What's New in 2011? *Updated*

So, I bet you are wondering where I have been for the past week or so.  I had great plans for the start of the new year here on the Elliott Music Studio blog but had to postpone writing and posting because the computer I have been using decided to quit working.  So, all of my best laid plans had to wait for a few more weeks.  I am borrowing a different computer now until the other one is fixed.  The amazing snow we are having here in the Midwest has made it so shopping for new parts hasn't yet been possible.  Sigh...

I try to re access before the start of the new year and look at ways I can improve things and set goals for the coming 365 days.  Here are just a few things I have been working on for the Elliott Music Studio Blog.  I will be posting additional posts about my music goals for 2011 in the coming weeks.

  • I have made a few changes to the layout of this blog in the last couple months to make it easier to read and navigate.  As of last night I changed the color scheme and background graphic.  I tend to play around with that often because I get bored.  I failed to find a background that I liked so I set off to find myself an image and make one.  Stock.xchng.com never fails to help me find what I am looking for and it's free.  You can't beat that.   

  • There will be a new posting schedule for 2011.  All posts will be Wednesday through Sunday with Monday and Tuesday off.  Wednesday will be the "Video of the Week", Thursday will be a longer post or a post from an ongoing series, Friday's I will share a bit of  Music Technology or an Online Music Find, Saturday will be a post related to my "Musical To-Do List", and Sunday will be my favorite "Quote of the Week".

  • This year I decided to explore what it would take to start to make a little money using my blog so I can cover my time and add some much needed income for my family.  I promise I won't be inundating you with ads all over the place.  I can't stand visiting blogs that do that.  I will however be adding some Amazon affiliate links where I feel there are relevant and helpful.    I also will be adding a donate button so those that feel so moved can donate to the cause.  I am contemplating a few other avenues but I have no other plans as of yet.  *Update:  I finally added the donate button and it works just like this one here.

My hope has always been to create a place where I can share what I am passionate about and to enrich people's lives with music.  I want to thank you for taking some time out of your day to visit.  If you don't already subscribe via email or rss reader, I hope you will do just that.  Do share with your friends, too. 

Thanks for joining me on this musical journey.     


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