Faithful Music Ministry Servant

I have been a faithful part of the music ministries of the church for 10 years.  I have sung in the choir, played hand bells, lead congregation singing, filled in on the piano and as choir director.  I've shared music with children and youth during Sunday school and special events throughout the year.  I have also been a representative of the church at funerals, weddings and community worship services.

In the past year and a half I have added praise band vocalist, keyboard player and even volunteer interim director to my music ministry list. I completed an annual CCLI licensing audit and have become more familiar with CCLI. I attended a sound system class that was offered when my current church upgraded their sound system and I have worked closely with a few sound people to learn as much as possible about successful sound production for worship. I look forward to learning more about this subject in the future.
I have chosen worship music, found lead sheets and guitar chord charts and when I couldn't find them I wrote them out myself.  I've made a mountain of copies from CCLI's Song Select, hole punched them and have worked to make worship notebooks that are in sync so we always know what key we are working from and what we are going to play on any given Sunday.  Once our music order was selected I worked with the pastor to make sure our MediaShout presentation of the lyrics for Sunday morning were correct for the congregation.

With the invitation to lead music in 2001 at my home church in Lawrence, Kansas and an opportunity to study church music and worship at Southern Methodist University Perkins School of Theology, I started a journey 10 years ago that has brought me to the Kansas City community and to my current church family. I have grown closer to Christ in my time here and I have gained more confidence in my God given gifts and abilities. I have also been lead to a deeper understanding of whom I am called to be.

I am called to share my talents in the field of church music ministry. God has prepared me and equipped me these past 10 years to serve. This is not a coincidence. There are no accidents in God's plan. All of the trials, tribulations, and learning experiences I have had have strengthened my knowledge and experience and made me an excellent candidate to serve as director of any church music ministry program.

Since I moved to Kansas City almost 5 years ago, I have been searching for a new music ministry position where I could share my skills. I have had to be patient and have learned a lot during my time of searching. I have always secretly hoped that my search would end when an opening would become available at my current church. Due to the events of the last year and a half I have almost given up hope in that ever happening and have since broadened my current job search to include several different states.

I have been praying about this for several weeks now and I believe with God's help I have come to the right decision. I am not interested in continuing on in just a volunteer capacity.  I would however welcome an offer of a paid position. I believe it's in the church's best interest to have strong, consistent leadership in the area of worship arts so that our church can grow and develop strong disciples. I am confident that I would be an asset to the worship arts program of any church and would work to further their vision through the ministry that is worships arts.


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