Is Music Really My Passion?

I have been reading an amazingly helpful blog, Blogging with Amy, that has given me tons of insight into what it takes to make a living from blogging and how to follow your passion while doing just that.  In a recent post, Amy shared questions to get you thinking about what you are truly passionate about and how that might translate into a theme for your blog.  The answers to these questions would help to focus your writing and give your blog a specific voice.  I thought it would be fun to share some of my answers as I explore my own passions and ideas for this blog.   
  • What enjoyable activity do you get so involved in that you frequently lose track of time? ~ I could sit at the piano for hours and used to regularly before my children were born.  I also enjoy searching the Internet for unique music and creative ideas.  I can spend hours online sometimes reading all the things I want to read.  My RSS Reader can get pretty full sometimes.  
  • If you were given one week to spend any way you liked (and all your responsibilities were taken care of), what would you do? ~ I would yarn craft like crazy, listen to tons of music and do score research, learn a few new pieces on the piano and for solo singing, spend quiet time reading and reflecting, Get out and see a show or listen to some live music, finally record some of the songs I have always wanted to record but haven't had a quiet house to do it in.   

  • If you were given a check for $2000 and ordered to use it on something fun for yourself, what would you spend it on?  ~ I desperately want studio time to do some professional recording so my first instinct is to say I would spend the $2000 on that.  My other thoughts would be to invest in myself and go to a music and worship conference that I have always wanted to go to and with the remainder buy a nice outfit and have a night on the town experiencing the Jazz music scene in Kansas City or the Opera.  I don't get out to live music enough.  If I could fit in some updated professional photos of myself I would, too.
  • If you were guaranteed a handsome salary no matter what, what would be your ultimate dream job? ~ My dream job has been anything music related for as long as I could remember.  Lately my real passion has been to lead a choral group again, sacred or secular.  I just need to get back into conducting and interpreting music.  I could work for a community chorus or as a church music director.  I have also thrown around the idea of starting a professional chorus.  

  • What do you do consistently in your free time simply because you enjoy it?  ~ I read a lot.  Mostly magazines because I can carve out a few minutes here and there and get an article read in that time.  I also have built my blogs in my free time.  I never thought I would be a writer but I enjoy this format and don't feel overwhelmed by the shorter stories and articles that blogs call for. 

For more questions and insights on sharing your passions check out Blogging with Amy.


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