Free Worship Planning Pages!

Each worship service that I have ever planned or lead has always started with an outline or set of planning pages so all the important elements were organized in one place.  It really helped to keep things focused and made worship design go so much smoother.

With collaborative worship planning becoming more popular it's even more important to have a starting point for worship design.  It helps keep your meetings focused and give your new worship group members a good jumping off point for worship planning.  Customizable worship planning pages for both contemporary and traditional worship settings are the answer.

I am excited to share with you my Worship Planning Pages for both Contemporary and Traditional worship settings.  I have taken my 10+ years of worship planning experience in the United Methodist Church and designed my own dream worship planning pages.  Each set of planning pages is a Google Docs document that is available for download from the links below. 

I have also included a summary of the headings list for each set of planning pages.  I have based the worship elements of each set of planning pages from the basic worship outline included in the United Methodist Hymnal and then tweaked it a bit for modern worship. 

I can't wait to hear from all of you and see how you have used these Worship planning pages in your church's next worship meetings.  

Contemporary Worship Planning Sheet  (click to download)

Contemporary Setting Worship Planning Sheet.odt

Contemporary Setting    Worship Planning Sheet

Date, Sunday, Sermon Series or Theme, Color, Visual Focus, Music Leader, Worship Leader, Prayer Leader

 The People Gather
Opening Prayers & Praise: 

Opening Songs                                                     
 Proclamation and Response
Prayer Songs                                                      
Scripture Selection (s
Message Title
Drama or Video
Special Music/ Offering                                          
Communion Songs
 Sending Forth
Closing Songs

Traditional Worship Planning Sheet   (click to download)

Traditional Setting Worship Planning Sheet.odt

Traditional Setting    Worship Planning Sheet

Date, Sunday, Sermon Series or Theme, Color, and Visual Focus
 The People Gather
Opening Prayers & Praise
Opening Hym
 Proclamation and Response
Prayer of Illumination
        First Lesson
        Second Lesson
        Gospel Lesson
Response to the Word
Prayers of the People
Prayers of Confession, Pardon and Peace
Communion Setting
Communion Hymns                                             
 Sending Forth
Closing Hymn   


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