Video of the Week: "Worship & Song"

Several years ago the United Methodist Church started the journey to update our hymnal that was published in 1989.  They had already released a supplement in 2000 called "The Faith We Sing" that had been quite successful and I have enjoyed using it for the last decade.  

Mostly due to the current economic climate, the committee for the new hymnal project as well as the United Methodist Publishing House announced that it wouldn't be economically viable to release a completely new hymnal at this time.  I was a little disappointed with this decision because I was looking forward to seeing a new hymnal in my lifetime but that didn't last long once I found out about "Worship & Song".

"Worship & Song" is an updated collection of 190 hymns and worship songs that include new hymns, old-time gospel and contemporary praise songs.  This collection also includes new worship resources designed to supplement The United Methodist Hymnal and other songbooks.  

I was thumbing through it for the first time a couple weeks ago and noticed that several of the praise and worships songs that my church was currently using in worship were included in this new supplement.  I also enjoyed the new prayers and liturgical elements.  I can't wait to get my own personal copy!

So, for this week's "Video of the Week" here's the official "Worship & Song" video.  Enjoy! 

"Worship & Song"


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