Worship Music Q & A: Theology of Worship

What is your theology of worship?

Worship is fundamentally about God, then about our relationship with God, and then finally about us. We gather in community by the grace of the Holy Spirit with the powerful intention to worship our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our worship is to be full of dynamic, meaningful, and relevant experiences to honor and praise God. 

Corporate worship should be a thoughtful celebration. Everything we do should bring you back to that God-centered focus. 

  • Our music helps people come to God and sing his praises. 
  • Our scripture readings allow people time to think and contemplate God. 
  • Our time of spoken prayer and silent reflection helps us to center our minds on God's presence in our lives and in our church and meditate on that relationship. 
  • The message of the day brings the scriptures to life so that we can better understand God's personal message for each of us and the biblical history that has come before us. 

We come to worship to be with God and to participate and connect in as many ways possible. We are called to use new emerging technologies and new ways of expression as they become available so our worship is relevant to our culture and to our time.


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