Part II: 5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Music Lessons: Lessons in a Professional Environment & A Well Rounded Program

Welcome to part II of my first, three part series called the “Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Music Lessons”. If you are just joining us don't miss out on Part I. Enjoy!

2. Take Lessons in a Professional Environment

When making the decision to enroll in music study it is not just a matter of having a qualified teacher and a quality instrument, but also finding a teaching environment that helps you focus and take your study seriously. In a quality, professional studio environment a student should not be distracted by TV, phone calls and siblings if possible. With only a 1/2 hour to an hour of lesson time per week to learn new material, a professional music studio environment can produce better results when the primary focus of that time is on learning and experiencing music. In a serious music studio, teaching music lessons is not just a hobby or side-line for the teacher, but a responsibility which is taken very seriously, by both teacher AND student.

3. Look for a Well Rounded Program

Understanding how music is put together is essential for anyone wishing to excel with piano or vocal study. Learning how to read music is like learning a second language. To communicate effectively in any language, one learns not only how to speak, but also how to read and write. That is why it is so important to choose a well rounded program of study with your music instructor.

There are some excellent materials out there available for music study that have been developed by experts in the field of music education. These sets of curriculum are made for a variety of specific situations and students. For example in piano, there are books geared toward the very young beginner all the way to books that have been designed specifically for adults who could use a refresher course. I am glad we have so many choices because now music instructors can tailor curriculum to the student and start them out with a level of study that they are comfortable with.

The Elliott Music Studio offers private music instruction for both voice and piano as well as small group classes.  You can start from the beginning or build on what you have already learned. Lesson plans are constructed to fit your learning style and to help you meet your musical goals. Here are some of the current offerings at the Elliott Music Studio.

Voice Lessons:
Each lesson is customized for the student based on their personal goals and will include vocal warm-ups, sight-reading exercises, ear training and breathing techniques.  Repertoire is chosen based your preference and teacher suggestion.  Performance opportunities such as recitals will be made available to all interested students.

Piano Lessons:
  • Music for Little Mozarts:  We are proud to bring to the Kansas City area, Music for Little Mozarts, a piano method designed especially for 4, 5 & 6 year old's. This program helps foster an early love for music that lasts a lifetime. See our Music for Little Mozarts page for more information.
  • Piano Adventures:   Join us on a grand musical adventure as we learn to play the piano.  Piano Adventures is for students 6 years and up and includes sight reading, music theory, fingering technique and performance music.  
  • Alfred All-in-One Adult Piano Course: This course combines sight reading, music theory and technique all in one book for the ease of the beginning adult piano student.  It also has an eclectic music selection for your enjoyment.  
  • Piano 101: This course is designed especially for high school students and adults who want to study the piano for fun and personal enjoyment.  This comprehensive approach includes varied repertoire, theory, technique, sight-reading, harmonization from lead sheets, ear training and ensemble opportunities. 

What ever you decide music study should be something that you want you or your child to enjoy for a lifetime.  So, let it begin with your group or private lessons here at the Elliott Music Studio!

Next we will finish up the series with Part III: “Making Practice Easier and Don't Forget to Have Fun”.  See you then!


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