Christmas is Coming!

As a musician I have always lived the holiday season musically several months before everyone else.  There are always new songs to learn and new cantatas to rehearse in preparation for the big day.  So by the time Advent comes I have had all I can really enjoy of the season's music.  I used to be a bit depressed by that fact but I have come to terms with it and just try to enjoy what I can each season.

This year I am starting out very optimistic.  My calendar is not too terribly full as of right now so I am hoping to get the chance to enjoy the season at a little more relaxed pace.  My current plans include singing in a Christmas musical in mid December and working on a recording project of original songs of the season that I hope to release in 2011.

So to get you all in the mood here is a list of Christmas resources I have been using to prepare this year and a few links to some neat seasonal music deals.  Enjoy!

  • NoteKids just posted a video of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas & Pachelbel's Canon arranged together for duet.  You can purchase the arrangement for pre-reader and teacher or early-staff reader and teacher.  It looks like so much fun to play!


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