Keep it Simple Sweetie with Kisstunes

I have seen several online keyboards but keep coming back to this one because of the ease of use and simplicity in its designKisstunes is in its third edition and has made some really useful updates including:

  • Play and Record tunes in real-time using a virtual keyboard
  • Flash interface runs on your browser, no need to download anything
  • Create video-like demos and embed them on your website
  • Downloaded tunes can be used as mobile phone ringtones
  • Tunes are saved in standard MIDI format, compatible with WMP and Quicktime.

I decided to try the keyboard demo feature were you can embed the Kisstunes player with your prerecorded song right to your blog.  The keyboard even lights up while playing your tune.  This is great to use as a learning tool for all types of music students so they can not only hear a tune but get a visual representation, too.  I am also looking into using it to share vocal warm-up ideas and simple tunes right here on the Elliott Music Studio Blog.  So here's my simple melody that I call "Melody by Thirds"  Enjoy!


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