The Simple Woman's Daybook - Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Outside my window...The fall leaves are slowly trickling down to the earth.  I have found looking outside very relaxing today and I have sure needed it.

I am thinking...about how music can really change a mood.  I sat down to write this post feeling frustrated and quite mad knowing that I needed a bit of a mommy time-out.  I decided to turn on some music and immerse myself in it's melody and words.  I could just feel my blood pressure drop and as an added bonus my little ones also quieted down.  

I am thankful for...the music of Ingrid Michaelson that I listen to for free on old.thesixtyone.com. Her lyrics speak to me so often.  It's uncanny.
I am wearing...I am sensing a trend here but I tend to be wearing my pj's still when I right this and that is the case today.  They also seem to be black.  Must be a favorite.

I am remembering...memories of my younger self.

I am currently reading...a couple articles on church music that I will share soon and some neat crafting ideas for the holidays.  I even found a few music inspired crafts that I hope to try this holiday season. 

I am hoping...for more peace and less stress.  That's a tall order but that's my hope right now.

On my mind...an ever growing list of things:  potty training ideas for my daughter; what's for dinner this evening and the fact that I really don't want to cook tonight but need to; new music to learn; the many things I want to write about
Noticing that...There really isn't enough time in the day.

Pondering these words... 

"All we can do is keep breathing."  

~In a song by Ingrid Michaelson called "Keep Breathing"

From the kitchen...yesterday I cooked up a storm.  I made a turkey tenderloin with vegetables in the crock-pot and my favorite salmon recipe in the oven.  I simmered my fast and easy risotto rice on the stove.  I also managed to make brownies from a box for my United Methodist Women's circle meeting that night.  Today we just ate leftovers of all the goodness.  

Around the house...I cleaned up my messes in the kitchen and started organizing for the week.  I still am in my pj's.  Showering might be a good idea yet today.

One of my favorite things...Raspberry Iced Tea.  I tried some instant stuff from Lipton and it's now my new favorite drink.  I served it at my women's meeting last night.  Yummy!   

From my camera...A few days ago I dyed my hair.  I haven't done that in years.  I had planned to dye it a week or so ago after my new haircut but we ran out of time during my Mom's visit.  My mother helped me and we were nervous but I think it turned out quite nice.  It definitely is different and a change for me.  This one washes out in 28 shampoos so there's not a lot of commitment there.        

Would you like to linger on the simple things...then join me and many others at "The Simple Woman's Daybook" in taking a little look into the day plans and thoughts of those who are focusing on simplicity...beauty of the 'everyday moments'. I will be posting a weekly update using this unique and simple format.


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