Introducing My New Music Job Search Series!

I wrote a post several weeks ago about my frustration at not being an employed music director. Since then I have been making strides to try and figure out what I need to do to make that a reality. I have evaluated my education and practical experience, reworked and updated my resume and cover letters, put together job listing sites that I regularly check and have started to get the word out that I am serious and looking.

As I have gone through this process I realized that looking for and applying for music ministry positions is not easy. You aren’t asked for the same information that an office professional or a food service worker would need to provide. The jobs you are looking for probably aren’t in your local paper’s classifieds section either. There are quite a few things that are specific to musicians that aren’t discussed when you start looking for help in your job search online.

So, that is where this Music Job Search Series was born. My goal for this series is to share some of my experience and make the process a little smoother for someone else. For the next few weeks we will walk through what it takes to job search in the music world. I will cover how to find the perfect job, resumes, cover letters, additional application requests specific to musicians, selling yourself to prospective employers, and what to do while you wait.

This is a unique opportunity for us to write the book on what it takes to job search in the music ministry world.  So, I encourage you to share your stories and tips in the comments as we journey together.


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