Lenten Devotional: Week One

Welcome to Ash Wednesday and the first week of this Lenten journey! For this Lenten season I have put together a weekly series of devotionals from the Songs and Prayers of the Taizé community. Each devotional in the series will include a Psalm, Songs from Taizé, a picture of the cross that I hoped will aid in your reflection time, Intercessions and a prayer. 

So take a minute to reflect on this week's message.

Psalm    from Psalm 32

Happy those whose offense is forgiven,
whose sin is remitted.
O happy those to whom the Lord
imputes no guilt,
in whose spirit is no guile.
Now I have acknowledged my sins;
my guilt I did not hide
I said: “I will confess
my offense to the Lord.”
And you, Lord, have forgiven
the guilt of my sin.
So let faithful people pray to you
in the time of need.
The floods of water may reach high
but they shall stand secure.
You are my hiding place, O Lord;
you save me from distress.
Rejoice, rejoice in the Lord,
exult, you just!
O come, ring out your joy,
all you upright of heart.



"Bless the Lord", The Community of Taizé





God our Father, you want us to become new creatures in Christ. We pray to you.

Lord, you promise us new heavens and a new earth. Renew our hope.

You have freed us from our slavery by giving us your only Son; you open for us the way of freedom.

Enable us to listen to your Word and to welcome it with hearts filled with love.

We were dead and you brought us to life through the Spirit; we were sinners and you continually restore us to purity of heart.



God of peace, you do not want us to know relentless worry but rather a humble repentance of heart. It is like a surge of trusting that enables us to place our faults in you. And then, by the inner light of forgiveness, little by little we discover a peace of heart.



"Jesus, Remember Me", The Community of Taizé


*Special thanks to these online resources who helped me pull this together.


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